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Updated  January 2019


very simple web site with no clicking - old world style

from  fishing/cooking  to learning English and most importantly wines, vinegar and figs - especially for those who live in Massachusetts


Nothing like riding your bike to a fishing spot where some are fishing bottom and not catching with whatever and then casting the Santini tube from shore which raises a few eyebrows but when a keeper is landed what can anyone say? Except go buy a Santini Tube! 

The Santini Tube reigns! Fishing Finatics, Everett, MASS

not fishing but catching

cooking foods that go well with simple home made wines

lasagna & ravioli recipes from scratch

kneading the dough is key!

Using Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour

by hand not with a food processor

simple tamatoe sauce using Pastene Italian peeled tomatoes

3 cheeses = Parmigiano, Romano, mozarella from Market Basket

about 14 layers of lasagne with 3 cheeses & sauce between each

very light

You Tube video with recipe to follow sooner or later

Learning English


An article on LINKEDIN = Integrating Skills in the ESL/ESOL/ELL Academic English Classroom

Grandfather did it while working the coal mines in Pennsylvania in the 1930s.

Dad, mom, my brother and I did the same after moving here from Italy in 1956.

Dad had worked in Lybia and Venezuela and was a prisoner of war for 5 years in India and when he came to the USA in 1954; he knew this was the place for his family.

Teaching academic English in an urban community college for 37 years taught me a few tips.


If you don't test into college level courses, read some more.

Build up - prior knowledge, vocabulary and yes even grammar by reading!

Books that have been successful:

WINES     VINEGAR        FIGS                      

Making wines from grapes

Back Yard                             California                                    Chile                                     South Africa

2018 - began with Malbec and Carmenera/Cab Sau blend from Chile

Then Shiraz from South Africa

Follwed by back yard grapes

and most importantly Californian Cab Sau/Merlot blend, San Giovese, Ruby Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Syrah/Petite Syrah blend

Friends will gather in February and decide how to blend these as wine making is all about blending.

Use the pomace to make grapppa!

Fig trees and grape vines like each other's company.

Wine does not turn to vinegar.

A mother is needed.

Once you have the vinegar mother, you have vinegar forever. 

You Tube video and recipe to follow

Wine making philosophy

Read about the chemistry of making wine but keep it simple.

Do nothing and leave nothing undone.

Record steps from year to year to year, experiment and
keep making new mistakes.

2019 Amateur Wine Making calandar available

You can make bad wine from good grapes, but you can't make
good wine from bad grapes.

We drink no wine before its time, it's time.

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